About Well & Septic Guys


Well & Septic Guys provides a wide range of services, testing water for fecal coliform and nitrate, to full inspections of well and septic systems. We do "whatever it takes" to complete your inspections promptly and achieve 100% satisfaction. Inspections are typically completed within 1 to 3 days from receipt of your order. Water test results typically process within 24 to 36 hours. Reports are delivered immediately via email.

Our inspections are thorough. We run water for at least 30 minutes to fully inspect how well your system is working. We look for well head contamination, examine your pressure tank, and inspect control switches. In our septic inspections we'll open tank lids so we can visually examine inside the tank. We look for structural integrity, normal waste levels, and proper placement of exit baffles. Next we locate the drainfield and conduct a boring sample to confirm the clean dry stone smells like dirt, and not the black sludgy foul-smelling indication of a failing drainfield.

Contact our main office for more information:
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Grand Rapids, MI 49508
PH: 1-800-637-4503

Well and Septic Inspections, LLC.
6026 Kalamazoo Ave. S.E. Suite 171
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Well and Septic Inspection (Coliform and Nitrates test included) - $350.00
Well Inspection only (Coliform and Nitrates test included) - $275.00
Septic Inspection only - $275.00
Dig Tank lids (Seller has option to dig themselves to save the money) - $50.00 per lid, (After 20” below grade there is a deep dig charge.)
Lead Water test (during Well-Septic Inspection)  - $50.00
Lead Water Test only  - $125.00
Isolation distance drawing only - $125.00
Return trip fee - $100.00
Water Flow/Pressure test - $125.00
Water test (Coliform, E. Coli, Nitrate/Nitrite - $150.00
PFA’S -  $450.00

(Additional water tests will be billed on a case by case basis)
(Additional cost may occur based on distance/drive time)